Which Textile is Right for Your Sofa?

The first impression you get of a sofa is the textile. Loud, elegant, discreet, coordinated with your walls? But textile choice is not only about looks.

- how to factor in your lifestyle when choosing a textile?

- how to get the colour right ?

Know your lifestyle before you choose a fabric.

When choosing our family sofa, I had textile swatches all around me. - A good sofa consultant will show you and deliver free textile swatches to your home.

For me the right choice was a very thick solid Cotton, nearly like jeans. I must have taken off the covers and cleaned them about 12 times in the last ten years.

Food, leaking diapers, milk, and the occasional spilled wine from us adults. Our sofa sure saw some action. Since that time, all our sofas have had removable covers. It’s necessary for a serene life in a family.

Have a look at what is important in your life, and who else shares your space. Tell the sofa shop what you need. Do you have kids, pets?

How to get the colour right - make sure to see the textiles in your own space and light.

When choosing the colour for our sofa, I wanted something that would not show stains so much (...the kids, the cat…). 

The final colour should also work harmoniously in my Milano apartment, and then in our new house near lake Como. Double requirements. 

I sort of knew I was going for blue or gray or green, and a casual look. I asked my colleagues to give me small samples of different textiles in that colour range. Then I went to both spaces, and taped the samples to the wall, more or less where the sofa would go.

I looked in the morning, in the evening, in different lights. And it was pretty obvious that in the first apartment (yellow walls, wood floor) the blue and the grey looked good. In the second (dove gray walls, dark gray slate tile floor) gray looked so sad.

So my final choice was a rather dark denim blue, that contrasted well in the first space, and livened up the second.

My experience: Get the samples…

...and look in natural light. 

A website never never conveys the true colour. Try putting the same image on your phone beside one on a computer screen. You will realise that they are very different.

By the way - now the kids are bigger, I am dreaming of having our sofa redone in a lighter colour. Linen is my personal favourite, because it magically makes me feel good in all seasons. And it looks so luxurious.

Experience the easiest way to find the perfect sofa for you.

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