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Healthy, Without Harmful Toxins

Your Health is the most important thing. We use only 100% natural and certified materials. No fire retardants, no toxins.

Allergies: we can adapt our materials to you specifically.

100% Natural and Organic

Plastic foam is a recent invention - and we don’t need it to produce comfortable seating. We work with Solid Wood, Jute, Springs, Recycled Cotton, Linen, 100% Natural Latex, Goose Down (vegan options available) and natural textiles such as Linen.

Perfect Comfort

The perception of softness depends much on your body height, but also age and sitting position. Our team will ask the right questions and help you choose the most comfortable sofa.

Rachel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

★ ★ ★ ★ ★      3 month ago

Bruno 3 Seater Sofa

Cotton Peackock Blue

"Thank you! Our Bruno sofa continues to be the center of our living room.

We've napped on it, played games, watched TV, read - we have a fireplace near it and are set for a cozy winter in Amsterdam. Thank you again! 

It's a special piece of furniture made with love and care. Our daughter calls it "old blue-y" :)"

The Free Guide on Living with More Nature and Less Toxins.


Extremely Durable

Removable Covers for Easy Cleaning

Children, pets, parties, repeated moves, our sofas are designed to live through them all and come out beautifully.


Get Your Dream Sofa — Exactly

Our sofas should fulfill all of your wishes. A special size, textiles, woods. We listen, and we handcraft the sofa you love here in our Italian workshops.

Dominique, Luxembourg

★ ★ ★ ★ ★      8 months ago

Aurea Low Lounge Chairs

Cotton Velvet Begonia Pink, Tangerine | Jungle Silk

"Good evening, I would like to thank you for your superb chairs. 

They just got delivered this afternoon and they are perfect, i looooove them!!! 

A big thank you to all, you, your artists and your artisans!"

Handmade and sourced near Lake Como in Italy

We have been crafting plastic free furniture for 11 years here in Lentate, between Milano and lake Como. We work only with local suppliers and we are proud of our workshop that is both sustainable and human.

Strict Certifications

We use only 100% natural and independently certified materials. We also source locally. We know and control our suppliers on a regular basis..

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The Free Guide on Living with More Nature and Less Toxins.



We share your passion for a healthy, eco-conscious lifestyle.

Your family's health is non-negotiable, and we wholeheartedly agree. At Biosofa, we've prioritized your well-being by using 100% natural, certified materials without fire retardants or toxins.

Healthy Lifestyle Biosofa forest trees
Natural Furniture Well-being
Eco-conscious Living Comfort
Transparent Furniture CompositionTransparent Furniture Composition

What is in there?

Like reading food labels, understanding the composition of your furniture is crucial.

Complex materials often introduce harmful additives, just as processed foods do. These chemicals impact the air in your living spaces and contribute to an unhealthy environment.

At Biosofa, we keep it simple. Our furniture is made from 100% natural and certified materials. No harmful compounds, no hidden surprises.

Toxin-free Biosofa FurnishingsToxin-free Biosofa Furnishings

Local Sourcing and Control

We're proud to be transparent about where our materials come from. While big furniture producers often outsource production and sourcing, we keep things close.

Our commitment to healthy furniture means that we carefully source materials with environmental and ethical standards in mind.

When you choose Biosofa, you choose more than just furniture. You choose a healthier way of living, where your health, the environment, and ethical practices come first.

italian natural furniture made in a village
Certified Sustainable Materials
Trusted Certifiers Environment Integrity
Eco Labels for Biosofa Furniture
An outside view matters
Independent certification

When it comes to eco-consciousness and making informed choices in sustainable living, the validation of recognized eco labels plays a vital role in ensuring the authenticity and environmental integrity of products.

At Biosofa, we prioritize transparency and environmental responsibility. We know a lot of our suppliers personally, because of our choice to source locally. But we also proudly partner with respected and trusted certifiers to verify the eco-friendliness and sustainability of the materials we source.