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Davide Barzaghi

Founder & Operations

The Biosofa is my brainchild. Besides developing new organic sofas and designs I love the day to day business of running the production. I talk to all of our suppliers and colleagues and guide the company's steps into the future.

Christine Sintermann

Founder & Business Development

For me it’s a joy to work on furniture that will go into homes and public places. I imagine how we make people feel comfortable. When I get up in the morning I know I am also working for the future of our two children.

Danilo Barzaghi

Founding Father & Head of Upholstery

With nearly 50 years of experience in upholstery I still love elaborating just the right soft curve so that all parts of the body relax. I also make sure knowledge is passed on to younger colleagues and am proud of our heritage.

Fabio Solenne

Head Carpenter

I love the smell of sawdust and natural olive oil polish in our wood workshop. I create the durable wooden and jute frames that will make our organic sofas last for generations. The company feels like family to me.

Eleonore Bianchi

Sales & Marketing

A high level of personalisation is what I love giving our clients, whether a new happy home-owner looking for the perfect couch or an interior design studio working on their next hotel project. The more special, the more fun.

Maria Barzaghi

Finance and Accounting

Putting things in order and working with numbers is my speciality. You will find me immersed in files and calculations, making sure all our processes are transparent and everybody gets paid and billed on time.

Monica Fusi

Head Seamstress

When sewing sofas, all stitches are exactly aligned, and in the corners, all seams come together in a single spot. Originally from a different industry, I quickly learned all about sewing and took over the department eventually.


Head of Security

I am aware of all that goes on in the enterprise and alert everybody when I detect movement. I look really fierce, but give me a dog biscuit and I am your best friend. I also like to jump into the feathers and come out looking like a black and white labra-chicken.

Favorite Sofa? I prefer sleeping on the grass in front of the workshop.


Cookie Collector

I love working here, because I get cuddled constantly. I can lay calm and cosily next to the coffee machine, and I pretend to be a bit sad. Then all people who pass will pet me and give me sweets, and that is my secret to success and joy.

Favorite Sofa? The Blandito floor lounger, because it looks like a cookie

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