Product Care

Shape — plumping the cushions

Fat and plump cushions

Feather filled cushions are the softest there is — but they do need a bit of work every couple of months. 

To keep our feather-wrapped cushions at their squishy best and help them maintain their shape, just give them a plump now and then.

Remember your grandmother at the window, shaking the cushions of the bed? This is exactly the right way to go. Feathers need air to detach from each other, and a good shake.

Open the zippers of the outer cushion - or of the seating element. Pick the cushion up from the corners and give it a good whack on each side to get the feathers moving. Turn and shake quite energetically.

Give the centre of each cushion a good bash so it's nice and neat. Then sit back and relax

Cleaning our natural textiles 

The nature of our fabrics 

All of our fabrics are woven from natural fibres and colours may differ ever so slightly from one batch to another. This is normal and part of what makes them unique and lovely. Rest assured though that all our suppliers carry out ongoing visual checks to ensure that nothing too extreme gets through the net.

Our fabrics will sustain normal wear and tear.

Direct sunlight

As all textiles, our natural fabrics may fade a bit when exposed continually to direct sunlight. We’re there to answer any questions on this particular aspect.

Stains or dirt

Try with a damp cotton cloth first. 

Your sofa is fitted with removable covers, but please don't put them in your washing machine. Beautiful fabrics need a little love and the best option is if you have them only cleaned by a specialist dry cleaner.

If the stains just won't budge, we recommend contacting a certified company that can send professional upholstery Cleaners to your house.

Or just contact us - we have vast experience in removing stains, and we know our fabrics by heart. We'll be happy to have a chat and help.


Dust is one of the biggest culprits for causing a fabric to look tired and old. By hoovering your sofa you can remove the dust and dirt and bring the fabric and colour back to life.

The small but wide attachment for your hoover (yes that one with a small velvety strip on it) is actually intended for upholstery. But please take care with hard plastic nozzles, as these can leave marks on velvet and other upholstery.

Flat Velvet

If your velvet is looking a little too crushed, then you can buy a velvet brush to bring the pile back to life.

And some clever types claim they can achieve the same effect with a velvet swatch.

Wood care

Wood is alive, how to clean it with care 

Remove spills from your wooden product straight away using a clean, damp cloth and then dry immediately with a lint-free rag. Job done.

Wood needs a regular rub-down and dust off with a nice soft cloth.

Occasional wiping with a mild, wood-friendly detergent solution makes it feel a little more loved too. Dry with a lint-free cloth.

We use beeswax and olive oil polishes in our homes. They have a heavenly perfume, nourish the wood and give a discreet shine.

Each piece of wood has its own unique grain pattern, which means you can sometimes get a slight variation in colour, shading and grain between different products and within the same product.

Small splits are a normal feature of all natural wooden furniture and will only add to the character of the piece!

Things to avoid…

Using polish containing silicone as it can spoil the finish over time.

Aggressive cleaning products can make wood look grey and it will loose its shine. 

Direct sunlight or heat can stain, discolour, crack or warp wood.

Dragging furniture across the floor will cause damage to the joints, not to mention your floor and your lower back!

Metal feet

Our top tip: stay clear of metal polishes. 

They'll damage your product's glossy surface and spoil its good looks.

Give it a wipe with a clean cloth and buff with a lint-free rag if needed.

Be sure to avoid using metal polishing cloths that might have been impregnated with any of those metal polishing compounds we're trying to steer clear of.

Leather love

Leather lives very long - if you treat it right.

Did you ever go to Bolzano in the Italian Alps to look at Oetzi the Ice-man from tens of thousands of years ago? You will find that his leather-gear is still intact. 

If you've gone for one of our lovely leather pieces, be sure to look after it, and it will love you back for decades. 

Our leather doesn't like belt buckles and sharp objects, that can leave scratches in the surface. Neither does it really care for the sun - so do keep it away from direct sunlight or heat. 

Blot (never rub) spillages with a dry absorbent cloth and please, please, please don't use saddle soap or any other speciality cleaning products.

And remember: leather is alive, and the patina it acquires over time is part of its nature and charm.


Made to be mended

We build your furniture to last into the next generation, just as our grandparents furniture used to do. Furniture is valuable, it makes your space special and personal, and it deserves to be loved and repaired over time.

Our Biosofas are built in a modular way, so that, should something break, all pieces are easily repairable and that parts can be replaced.

All pieces also boast removable covers. This is to allow for easy washing but also replacement should an accident happen. It also just allows for a change of colour. If you feel like a new mood, let us know, and we’ll quote a new cover and send it to you. If you need new fabric samples, that service is free as always.

Read here about our 10 year guarantee.

If you need a repair, please contact us at, or call us at +39 0362 1823013.

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