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Order free textile samples

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Feel the materials — our free textiles home service.

Get your free natural textile samples to perfectly match colours and textile styles to your home, taste and existing furniture and objects.

Do you have small kids in the house, so the textile needs to be extra easy to washOr maybe you have animals, and need extra resistance?

Simply select the textile samples you would like to have shipped and provide your contact information.

Free design consultation

Talk to an expert.

Every home and every space is different. Sizes, textures, colours, there is a lot to choose before investing in a eco friendly sofa. Tell us about your project. Tell us about your lifestyle, your situation and challenges.

Eleonore, our design expert will be happy to discuss all your options with you and help you with your vision. A good starting point is your floor-plan, and any images you may have of your current situation or any inspiration that you particularly like. 

Also any information about children, or maybe other house companions such as animals can be important when you choose.


Quiz — Discover your best textiles

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The Free Natural Home Guide


A Practical Guide

Easy Steps to Start Living with

More Nature and Less Toxins. 


A Practical Guide

Easy Steps to Start Living with

More Nature and Less Toxins. 

Checklists for Buying Natural Furniture and Home Products

→ Furniture Materials
→ Natural Textiles
→ Avoiding Toxins
→ Avoiding Plastic

→ Reliable Certifications

Inspiration for Living More Naturally

→ Less is More
→ Plants
→ Light, Air, Water
→ Textures, Shapes
→ Colours, Art

We can customize any piece

Our skilled artisans can adapt all organic sofa models, what do you need?

Do you need a special sizeMaybe you would like to use your own textile

Do you have small kids in the house, so the textile needs to be extra easy to wash? Maybe you have animals, and need an extra-resistant model?

Or could we make a pouf to go with your sofa? Or maybe you would like extra storage inside, or even a sofa-bed

All our models can be adapted to your needs. Our artisans are happy to work with you to make your dream piece come true. 



We share your passion for a healthy, eco-conscious lifestyle.

Your family's health is non-negotiable, and we wholeheartedly agree. At Biosofa, we've prioritized your well-being by using 100% natural, certified materials without fire retardants or toxins.

Healthy Lifestyle Biosofa forest trees
Natural Furniture Well-being
Eco-conscious Living Comfort
Transparent Furniture CompositionTransparent Furniture Composition

What is in there?

Like reading food labels, understanding the composition of your furniture is crucial.

Complex materials often introduce harmful additives, just as processed foods do. These chemicals impact the air in your living spaces and contribute to an unhealthy environment.

At Biosofa, we keep it simple. Our furniture is made from 100% natural and certified materials. No harmful compounds, no hidden surprises.

Toxin-free Biosofa FurnishingsToxin-free Biosofa Furnishings

Local Sourcing and Control

We're proud to be transparent about where our materials come from. While big furniture producers often outsource production and sourcing, we keep things close.

Our commitment to healthy furniture means that we carefully source materials with environmental and ethical standards in mind.

When you choose Biosofa, you choose more than just furniture. You choose a healthier way of living, where your health, the environment, and ethical practices come first.

italian natural furniture made in a village
Certified Sustainable Materials
Trusted Certifiers Environment Integrity
Eco Labels for Biosofa Furniture
An outside view matters
Independent certification

When it comes to eco-consciousness and making informed choices in sustainable living, the validation of recognized eco labels plays a vital role in ensuring the authenticity and environmental integrity of products.

At Biosofa, we prioritize transparency and environmental responsibility. We know a lot of our suppliers personally, because of our choice to source locally. But we also proudly partner with respected and trusted certifiers to verify the eco-friendliness and sustainability of the materials we source.