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Federico Peri

"My intention was to create something timeless."

Federico Peri's Exclusive Designs for Biosofa
Interview with Federico Peri

Why is sustainability important to you?
In some way, we are the environment that surrounds ourselves, so it’s probably the most important thing we have to work on.

How did you integrate thoughts about sustainability into your creation process?
One of the first questions that came up in my mind after the brainstorming was: How will this project affect the environment? That’s why I truly consider sustainability as one of the first things to take care of.

Has your attitude towards design changed in the last years, how do you see your evolution?
Absolutely yes. Talking about sustainability, during the last ten years, people have increased their awareness about the topic. That is a contagious feeling which makes you think and it puts you in a frame of mind to ask yourself: Am I designing in a conscious way? That’s an aspect that has changed my way of thinking a lot.

When you designed Enrica for the collection, what was your ultimate goal you wanted to achieve?
My main interest was to add a different kind of furniture to the catalogue. The brand was almost totally related to upholstery. Enrica is a different category of products but, at the same time, aims to complete an idea of a sustainable living room.

Does form follow function?
Yes, Enrica’s forms are strictly connected to functionality; a vertical linear and modular system which holds shelves.

What do you enjoy most about design?
A sense of freedom, of the unexpected - and - my favorite... every day is different!

What is the invisible part of your work, can you describe it to us?
There are so many phases - especially moments - that it is quite complicated to explain a typical approach. I’ll try a summary: in the beginning, there are several hours of research, sketches, meetings, research again, until a first good idea manifests itself. The prototyping phase is the second part, where the idea takes form and where it is still possible to modify the model or make some kind of correction, before the final production. Finally, the launch on the market.

What was your favourite day at work in the last few years and why
Probably it was around 3 years ago when in 24 hours I achieved to establish two new collaborations that I was looking for and working on since a long time. This news made me happy for an entire week!

Describe the chemistry between different partners on a design job. Is working about good relationships?
A good collaboration it’s the basis of a good project. It’s really important to define the right working team. I’m not just talking about the conceptual phase. A good relationship between the designer and the craftsman is probably the most important thing. Usually the craftsman knows better than the designer how to work with the material and how to treat it. That’s why a good collaboration is really important.

Tell us your ideas on longevity: Material longevity, technical longevity and cultural longevity.
Longevity means quality in two ways; Quality as design value which permits an object to be considered timeless, and quality as in a well-made product. The combination is the perfect match for an excellent product.

How do you think the home of the future will look like? Where will it be, how will it be furnished, how will it be built?
Homes probably will be smaller and for sure materials -both in architecture and in furniture- will be linked to sustainability, that’s the future for sure.

How does nature inspire your work?
Nature is a matter of shapes, materials and colours. The last two are the ones who always interest me the most. I love to work with natural tones and true materials.

Designs by Federico Peri