Marco Cattaneo | Chiara Salvucci

"The proud smile of our satisfied client is something that is priceless."

Interview with Marco Cattaneo + Chiara Salvucci

Why is sustainability important to you?
We all have to aim for a sustainable life model. The world is presenting us with the bill and humanity can no longer do without listening. Also in our sector there is a need to go beyond the proposal of something new, beautiful and functional, showing a sensitive and mature approach to the needs and requirements of the world and therefore of every one of us. Our attention to sustainability has definitely grown in recent years and that's why we immediately shared and embraced the approach of your company. Your entreprise was founded with the understanding of this need and the desire to respond to the problem. In our opinion they are already, and with great sensitivity, carrying out the changes that will soon be necessary for all design companies.

Has your attitude towards design changed in the last years, how do you see your evolution?
We live in an era of constant and complex change. This is reflected in lifestyle, needs and also in the way of designing. We therefore try to have an attitude of attention and analysis, combined with a critical aesthetic and ethical thinking. This allows our personal expressive interpretation to be in continuous evolution. Undoubtedly over time our attention has focused more on materials, and at the same time we have experienced a greater fluidity of design applied to different but increasingly connected areas (interior, product, graphic and set design). We like the idea of ​​drawing on many disciplines to create our language.

When you designed Bruno, what was your ultimate goal you wanted to achieve?
Bruno’s materials are completely natural. Our goal was to express this purity of materials also in the design of the piece. The creative process was a work of stripping down and purifying, in the search for essential and necessary simplicity. The inspiration for Bruno has its roots in the natural world, but does not seek an immediate response in a resemblance to a specific natural form. Instead, its purpose is to approach nature’s intrinsic quality: the high adaptive capacities that life forms have in nature. The goal was therefore to create an object with an organic, compact but sinuous shape, a single full volume, without frills (where the marked distinction between the back, seat and armrests elements disappears) capable of adapting to accommodate everyone in its abundant forms and its ample cushions.

How does design change the world?
MARCO: In this historical moment it is more evident than ever how and why design will change the world. This virus is testing us, and difficulties bring out the best in mankind. Now more than ever the work of designers is important in finding practical solutions to the new needs of the world. We firmly believe that this experience will lead all of us, including designers and companies, to develop a more conscious and sustainable approach towards the world and towards ourselves.

CHIARA: The designer should observe, synthesize and respond with his own interpretation to the human needs of his time. Sensitivity to the everyday allow him to improve the living conditions of the individual and the community, - both with essential and fundamental inventions - but also with fun and joyful "playthings", performing daily acts of resistance and of beauty!

What do you enjoy most about design?
Passion is the thing that makes you work without thinking that you are working. It makes you get up in the morning, excited to be able to go back to your project immediately and draw the ideas you have in your head. The creative process is the thing we love most about our work. The white sheet and the spark that transforms it are our lifeblood.

CHIARA: Design for me is a creative approach to the world that allows me to open myself to different realities in which I can combine many of my passions or discover new worlds. It obliges me to always grow, never be satisfied and to learn from everything. It always confronts me with new challenges that may even seem impossible until I realise I've surmounted them. Furthermore, design is discreetly omnipresent in everyones life, from the flyer on the ground to the bench in the park, from the website to the buildings of our cities, from the stool to the road sign. Design is everywhere and applicable to everything, a continuous stimulus for everyone.

MARCO: Design has always been my passion, in fact I don't like to say "I work as a designer or architect" because I feel I am "being" a designer and architect. I remember as a child with my friends, there were those who wanted to be a policeman, an astronaut, and I wanted to be an inventor ... the closest thing to inventor that I found when I was older was being a designer.

What was your favourite day at work in the last few years and why?
There are fortunately many many beautiful days in our work, but perhaps the conclusion of a project is the most exciting moment. Whether it's the official presentation of a product or the inauguration of a space, the grand finish is always moments for us to look back on the work accomplished. Finally, reaping the fruit of so much hard work and seeing it transformed into something real with the proud smile of our satisfied client, is something that is priceless.

Designs by Marco Cattaneo + Chiara Salvucci