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Nadja Galli Zugaro

"Rainy days are ideal to think about light and to play with shadows..."

Nadja Galli Zugaro: Biosofa's Artistic Design Partner

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About Nadja Galli Zugaro | BellesDeNuit

Nadja Galli Zugaro ‘designs the material’ using her tools as if they were pencils. She reconciles the repetitive regularity of the original industrial product with the imperfect uniqueness of the manual work.

Her research started during her architecture, art and design studies in Halle and Leipzig in what once was the German Demorcratic Republic, right before the fall of the Berlin Wall, 40 years after the Bauhaus debate on formalism.

Her career as an architect and designer, which began in her home country has continued in Italy, where, since 1998, she started creating her first self-produced objects.

BellesDeNuit was born in 2012. Used metal containers undergo a metamorphosis and become luminous art-design objects. The precise design idea, ruled by geometry, shape and function, is expressed in a personal code. Over the years Nadja Galli Zugaro has designed and produced unique projects under the brand name BellesDeNuit, both in Italy and abroad.

All light projects are created out of recycled cans and other metallic containers, and under Nadjas' hands, these every day objects take on new meaning, light, and magic.

Designs by Nadja Galli Zugaro | BellesDeNuit