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Vanessa Tambelli

"Look at and understand the beauty that hides itself in every detail around us."

Vanessa Tambelli: Biosofa's Visionary Design Collaborator
About Vanessa Tambelli

I would summarise who I am with the following words: Interior design profiler – luxury circular economy. When I am doing the everyday things of my life, for example when I am designing, I do it in the following way and spirit:

I design with Love, and I feel the passion that lies in the beginning of every task. I focus on nature and it’s flow, by this I mean the flow in the nature and with the nature.

I believe in blending with no boundaries, inside and outside, me in Nature, the human being in nature. I breathe and meditate during the design process. These 2 actions are the necessary condition to create inspiration.

I sustain a circular culture in all I do, this means also recycling - in design, and privately. I source with respect and ensure a positive impact of all I do.

All of these actions put me into a thrilling condition like the beating of butterfly’s wings, I get excited, and then everything becomes something that I define “special and sensible”.

I am explaining my purpose below. In order to work, it is necessary to meet the clients directly.

I especially work with clients that are 50 to 60 years old. My job is to detect what they wish for and to interpret their personality and needs in order to create new and totally customised projects.

I am looking for a timeless style that will last for generations… (this is a very difficult goal). One way is to think about the transformation of a product through its lifecycle, but how to achieve this? Maybe by adding or removing a detail… also it is essential and very important that shape follow function.

We are moving towards a circular economy where the beginning is also the end. I try for example to produce sofas without fashion or style. At the same time, I pay attention to where we buy the materials and fabrics, so that they can be used as long as possible - another way is to include recyclable and reusable materials.

I am strongly in favour of ethical business, and this shows in the way of working, be it alone or in a team, and the behaviour with people in general. Ethical business behaviour produces positive action.

Sustainability lies at the heart of any product offer and will be doing so more and more.

I create unique projects, where the customer is really comfortable in and with what I designed or what I did for them.

Designs by Vanessa Tambelli