New: A sustainable bench for your home named Libellula

by tine sintermann on September 15, 2020

Welcome Libellula - sustainable and comfortable bench for any home

Ottoman benches are a great way to fill a gap at home functionally. Whether for putting your shoes on or putting your feet up - the Libellula is now available online and comes in many textile options and colors.


Sustainable ottoman bench for your home - comfy footrest from D3CO 

Inspired by nature

Our existing bench - the Farfalla - has it's own style. Farfalla is Italian and means butterfly and we liked the idea of giving another nature-inspired name to the new bench. So we picked out Libellula. Elegant wings, glitter and shine, very fast and light. Yet versatile - just like we think about our Libellula benches.

Large and medium now available online

To make sure the bench fits into your home perfectly, we planned the bench in large and medium just as with its siblings Farfalla. As always, most of our textile offerings are also available to beautify the Libellula bench - simply choose the textile and color that perfectly fits your interior design.


Classic design ottoman bench sustainable from D3CO

Make an impression or completely hide away

If you want to showcase the bench you can choose a contrasting color to your wall and floor. If you would like to hide it at the end of your bed and have it blend in with the environment it's easy. Thanks to the many options available for textiles and colors. Check out the large version here and the medium version here.


Classic ottoman bench with many textile options to choose from