Building a sustainable BIOSOFA - making ecofriendly furniture step by step - part 2/6

by D3CO on September 05, 2020

Building a sustainable sofa using only natural products and no plastic!

In our previous article we explained how we take an idea to a sketch and then turn it into a complete 3D model to eventually create a plastic free sofa using only proven building techniques and 100% natural materials that won’t harm our health or environment. Our entire process in building eco-friendly furniture is transparent and we’re a transparent company. That’s why we chose to give you this inside peek into our production!

High quality and longevity through certified wood

We’re now going to engage in construction of the wooden under-frame which is the foundation for the sofa. Since we designed the piece in 3D, we can precisely measure any parts for the wooden construction. We pride ourselves in longlasting, sustainable products and make all of our frames out of solid, FSC or PEFC certified wood. None of our products contain chipboard or MDF. Something we are proud of and that differentiates us from other furniture makers as well.
Instead, we mostly use beech, because of its perfect features: it is extremely hard, ultra robust and will not bend - not even after decades of usage.


Sustainable sofa making of eco friendly furniture at D3CO

Working the material by hand

We love it when woodworking starts, because the scent of freshly cut wood is quite an experience every time. And seeing the molded pieces of wood with perfect finishings is sometimes a breathtaking view.

All wooden pieces are cut and sanded by hand before actually being assembled. Curved pieces will be cut by a 5-axis saw and special equipment will round, cut or turn parts that need extra attention. Our specialised team of woodworkers who proudly tell anybody who will listen that they inherited their art from their fathers and grandfathers, add to our inhouse experience in making furniture.

Building a wooden frame for our ecofriendly sofa Casquet at D3CO

Quality checks

After the wooden pieces have been cut, all parts will be measured once more and eventually assembled by our team, using only metal screws and wooden dowels.

That’s it, we are seeing a piece of furniture come to life - live. We now have a complete wooden under-frame, the backbone of our sustainable sofa. The next step is to build the first elastic layer with jute and steel springs.

Quality check on wooden frame for sustainable and plastic free sofa Casquet 


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