Change your cover with a "Click". Sofas with a removable cover.

by D3CO on May 27, 2020

"Sofa with a removable cover."

If you're in the process of buying a new sofa right now, you will probably know those words... But there is removable and removable - some systems are easy to use, and some ... aren't...

When first launching ourselves into 100% natural sofa production, one of the first things we tried to innovate was the system of removing covers of a sofa. 95% of these systems use velcro straps - plastic in other words. 

This plastic velcro system was not good enough for us for three reasons:

The first is the inherent quality of the velcro strips which are made out of nylon. When you wash your sofa cover for the first time, textile always has a small but physiological shrink, Velcro strip doesn't. So the end result is a lot of wrinkles between the strip and the textile, and you say goodbye to your perfect and stretchy cover arrangement.

The second reason is that Velcro Strip is usually attached to a velvety polyester textile. That base gets damaged after you rip it on and off a couple of times.

And then finally we obviously cannot use Velcro because is a plastic base product and we sell only plastic free biodegradable sofas.

So we invented a new system based on wool strips with internal removable wooden bars fixed to the sofa base using automatic brass snaps.

This gives a permanent and distributed tension to the cover, so it will always fit perfectly fit around the shapes of your new D3CO biosofa.

Even after washing...