Coming soon: Ultra modular sofa Domino

by tine sintermann on October 13, 2020

D3CO Sustainable modular sofa Domino - flexible

Modular sofas are a great way to fully adapt to the space of your home, showroom or hotel interior design. Not only by color, but also by shape. The biosofa Domino by D3CO can even wrap around walls and extend its size to become a massive sofa environment. 


D3CO modular sofa Domino - ecofriendly and sustainable  

Perfect to create your island of comfort and style

Domino is ultra versatile - both in style and shape options. On top of that add our large variety of textiles and you create your own sofa that probably is unique to you and your environment.

Of course Domino is also fully sustainable and eco-friendly. Plastic-free and without any harmful material its promise is the same as with all D3CO biosofa products: exciting, comfortable and long-lasting.

 D3CO Domino versatile sofa eco friendly and sustainable plastic free


Watch this space for news and announcements.