Custom Made Luxury Sofas, a Guide.

We found over the years that, apart from the sustainability of our products, most of our customers love the luxury of made to measure, too.

It is special to own a completely handcrafted product made in Italy.

We all enjoy having something specially tailored to our space, and having a piece with a unique story.

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- why the new luxury is slow, not fast

- what Dominique said about her custom chairs

Our home is a unique expression of who we are.

It reflects our tastes, our needs, and what makes us comfortable. Our son sleeps in a bed that was part of my grandmother's hotel, and fabricated about 1925.

Furniture through history was always something of great value, complicated to make, and proudly given to the next generation. It was made to last, and made with care.

We think it is great that stylish furniture is available at low prices for everybody.

But if you have the choice to spend a bit more, think about how a custom made sofa would change your living experience. It will last a long time, and the beauty of it will enchant you through the years.

Fast Furniture is myth, be sure to choose slowly !

Furniture is slow to make, slow to move, and we recommend you also should be slow to choose it. These are pieces that will define your living space. They need reflection and consideration. They have a soul of their own.

And if your taste or fashion changes - so what? Sofa shapes are nearly universal over time, though never boring. Are you in love with dove gray linen today? Fantastic. In five years, your piece can be re-done in red velvet, changing it’s character completely, with close to zero impact on the environment. That is the true luxury of a piece that is handmade and made to last.

Read why our client Dominique believes in custom made just for her.

Dominique found our Aurea dining chairs online. She was looking for something very colourful, and sent us photos of her living room - AND a Photo of a painting as a colour reference!

We sent her textile samples of pure cotton velvets in pinks and oranges we thought might match well with her space.

And here is the amazing message she wrote to us:

“Good evening, I want to thank you for your superb chairs. They just delivered them to me this afternoon and they are just perfect, I love them !!! a big thank you to you, your artists and artisans! so beautiful your fabrics, the texture, the shape of the chairs. I would like to order a few more cushions and I wanted to ask you if you could possibly put your beautiful fabric on a piano chair for me ... - “Dominique

We love that, because it shows her joy in something that is uniquely hers.

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