D3CO biosofa and Covid: Doing what’s right in troubled times.

by D3CO on May 11, 2020


When Italy was put under lockdown for the Covid emergency, D3CO biosofa had a choice: shut down and wait, or try and do the best we could, even if we did not know what it was yet. We talked to the mayor of our little town, Lentate sul Seveso. What they needed most of all was masks - masks for the healthcare workers, masks for the police, masks for people in need. 

With the support of our mayor, we launched into the development of a facemask. We reasoned that  we had all that was needed: cutting machines, sewing machines, thread, textiles, - and extremely skilled artisans. If you can make a bio-sofa, you can make a bio-mask. The thought of all the mono-use masks littering the world during this pandemic did not leave us for an instant. If we were making a mask, it would be fully biodegradable.  

Three weeks later we were ready with our first model of D3CO-AIR. Made of oekotex cotton with a pressed natural cotton filter. The only concession to the wearability is the elastic band - we tried cotton ties, but they were just too uncomfortable. So if you want to compost the mask, you have to snipp off the elastic band first.   

We sell D3CO-AIR while giving away one out of five to our community. Not only did it lift the spirits of our little town, but also ours as well, because all through the lockdown we could be open and doing something useful.

Below our Mayor Laura Ferrari donning one of our masks.