Go for Gold - with the exclusive Enrica shelf

by tine sintermann on May 05, 2020

Why are we still obsessed with gold?

From the moment humans first glimpsed its luminous surface, this shiny yellow metal has seduced the inhabitants of every continent and every age.

Ancient Egyptians sent their rulers into the afterlife clad in gold, Chinese dynasties prized it and the myth of El Dorado sent many a Conquistador to the new world.

So when young star designer Federico Peri came to us with plans for a pure golden library, what could we do - his golden touch hooked us immediately. His proposal was to create an everyday object, to make it very functional and very versatile, without any fuss or decoration. But the material, the material would shine and speak for itself. The shelves of his Enrica library - by the way - the piece has his name from his beautiful wife - are covered in 24karat gold.

The covering is very finely galvanized, but it is pure. By the way, we sometimes have to adjust our price because the course of the gold goes up or down! When our showroom is dark, Enrica still shines, the way that only pure gold can achieve. 6000 years after Tutanchamon, the fascination is still there, and yes, we do also produce Enrica in silver. But strangely, all our customers, once they have seen it, go straight for gold.