How to Choose the Right Sofa?

Read and find out:

Why the sofa is central to any space.

Why you should choose it carefully.

Why shape is not the only factor.

I still remember how long it took me to choose a sofa for our family.

Our son Rafael was about eight months old. I knew our sofa would be under high stress with a small baby and all the potential accidents that would mean.

And we were also going to move to a bigger home, soon, because our daughter Eva was on the way. So the new sofa had to fit our Milano city apartment, but also look great in our new bigger space.

It took me more than two months to decide…

….and I learned a lot from the process.

Right after, we changed our services to our Biosofa customers. Now you can get help making the right choice and trying out the product, just like I did. Because we consider you are - in a large sense - now part of our family, too.

Why sofas are so deeply connected to your well-being.

There are three essential pieces in the home: the bed, the dining table and the sofa. You spend the most time on or at them. They are the focal points in the house where you truly unwind.

On a sofa, you relax, you may even lie down. The time on the sofa is about you, your family and friends. In our hectic world, nothing is more precious than these private moments of relaxation.

A fast and trendy sofa may be ok for a public space. But in our private sanctuary, we look for the highest standard and comfort. Because our well-being happens right there every single day.

What type of shape and comfort is right for you?

When choosing a sofa for our family, I wanted a true space for relaxing. I considered having two smaller sofas sitting at an angle from each other. In the end, our interior designers counselled me to take an L-shape. She said this gave us more possibilities with a family of four.

It was fabulous being able to show images of my home and floor plans to the team and getting active feedback.

Our sofa is also quite soft, as we love to lounge. - My mother for example chose a model that is much firmer, and also higher, because she wants to get up easily.

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