Interior design styles in brief (1): Scandinavian, Shabby Chic, Vintage

by tine sintermann on July 07, 2021

Scandinavian - light, bright, natural

Scandinavian interior design reflects the light of midsummer and the coziness of dark winter nights. Light colors and functional naturalness emphasize modesty and closeness to nature. The materials used are durable and sustainable and best handmade. The arrangement of furniture looks reduced, almost minimalist. In any case, it is light, practical and uncomplicated. Highlights are set by accessories made of handmade glass and porcelain. These are important elements for the “Scandi” style:

  • natural materials like light wood, cotton, linen and wool
  • light colors, besides the obligatory white, pastel shades dominate
  • famous are the graphic and colorful patterned textiles from Scandinavia


Shabby Chic - dreamy, feminine, trendy

Inspired by the country house style of the English aristocracy, this used looking interior style was created in the 1980s. Unfinished furniture and accessories from flea markets or heirlooms are classic Shabby Chic furnishings. Each discarded individual piece is given a new place and a new life. Visible signs of use are typical. With new furniture, these are often added afterwards, for example chipped paint or scratches. Shabby Chic is very individual, the following characteristics belong to it:

  • matte colors, a lot of off-white, gray and pastel shades.
  • fabrics are velvet, silk, linen, cotton and lace
  • accessories are vases and candlesticks made of silver, crystal chandeliers and delicate flowering plants



Vintage - nostalgic, charismatic, charming

Roughly speaking, vintage refers to all furniture made between 1920 and 1980. The difference with retro style is that the furniture is genuinely old and not just citing the particular era. Vintage furnished does not yet denote a particular aesthetic, it all depends on the era from which the furniture and accessories come. Vintage may be decorated exuberantly or puristically - a well-rounded overall picture is ultimately the personality-strong result. Those who do not see it quite so narrowly, of course, can also combine furniture made to old in used look or shabby chic.This is what characterizes this style:

  • patina and scratches are allowed and wanted
  • natural materials such as leather, natural wood, linen and cotton
  • large drawer cabinets or wooden showcases can set strong accents