Interior design styles in brief (3): Country, Eclecticism, Industrial

by tine sintermann on August 04, 2021

Country – cozy, earthy, natural

Country style, this refers to several North American inspired country home looks. It can be rustic log cabin style of the Rocky Mountains, romantic country style of the East Coast or elegant Southern style. A fireplace in the living room is definitely not to be missed, the mantel decorated with framed family pictures. New Country or Modern Country is the contemporary, reduced version of the country style. Here, the country aspect is loosened up and does not come across quite as heavy and traditional. However, natural materials dominate here as well. The classic country style is characterized by

  • furniture made of natural wood, the classic being the traditional rocking chair
  • soft and cozy armchairs and upholstery, patchwork quilts and blankets of folk design and floral patterns
  • skins and leather set wild, archaic accents


Eclecticism - incorruptible, courageous, individual

Eclecticism is more than the sum of its parts. In this style of interior design, whose name comes from Greek philosophy, different styles are combined and processed. It is not a matter of mixing everything as colorful as possible. It is always a matter of giving aesthetic meaning to the totality of the united styles. An eclectic style of interior design does not say anything about the overall aesthetics of the space, often it creates a feeling of cozy fullness. There are infinite directions in which eclecticism can go. Harmony thanks to style mix! This is typical for Eclecticism: 

  • different styles of furnishings are carefully arranged with each other
  • connecting elements and resumptions of patterns and colors create a harmonious overall picture
  • carpets, wallpapers and accessories support the overall look of the furniture



Industrial - rough, creative, honest

Industrial is an urban interior design style. It is inspired by old factory buildings of the 1940s and reminiscent of creative New York lofts and workshop studios of the 1980s . The rooms are open and have high ceilings, the walls are unplastered, the floors bare. Large industrial lamps, bare bulbs or stylized construction site spotlights illuminate the raw charm. Industrial style furnishings can look cold, but can also become cozy with warm living elements, such as leather sofas. Vintage Industrial or Cozy Industrial styles allow for a little more homey coziness. Industrial always seems to be unfinished. Typical elements are:

  • raw elements like bare brick and concrete walls and floors and exposed pipes
  • furniture made of wood, leather or metal, the colors gray and black dominate
  • decorative elements are used sparingly, large-scale art can round off the picture