Sustainable home design and living: environmentally friendly and non-hazardous

by tine sintermann on September 08, 2021

Conscious design is design that not only refers to the aesthetic aspect of furniture, carpets, accessories, walls and floors. Conscious design goes one or more steps further: design that pleases and fits, but also does not ignore the production and manufacturing conditions. This includes sustainable use of natural resources as well as fair working and trading conditions in the country of origin. You can pay attention to the following points if you also want to focus on conscious design in the future:



1. Plastic-free

Plastic has become a huge environmental burden. Plastic in the oceans, microplastic in the air. There is plastic hidden in an incredible amount of furniture that is difficult to recycle. There are many wonderful alternatives that are just as stylish and additionally degradable. For example, go for furniture made of wood or bamboo, avoid unnecessary plastic accessories. Check out the manufacturers for plastic-free furniture!


2. Pollutant-free

The pollutant load of furniture, carpets, paints and varnishes can make you dizzy in both senses. Be sure to look for appropriate certifications to be safe when buying new furniture or renovating your home. Instead of treated tropical woods, opt for FSC-certified natural wood from domestic cultivation, instead of fast-moving cheap furniture, choose a sustainable product that relies on ecological production.


3. Certificates  

Buy with sense and reason and inform yourself well beforehand. National and international certificates for textiles, wood or latex are very helpful. These show you, for example, that the furniture is from sustainable ecological production. In most cases, fair working conditions are also certified.



4. Used and recycled

It does not always have to be new! By buying used and recycled you make a contribution to resource-saving consumption. But beware! In the case of second hand, it is not always possible to determine whether the product is actually plastic-free or free of harmful substances.


5. Sustainable, high-quality and durable

What Fast Fashion is in fashion, Fast Design is in furnishings: Buy cheap and throw it away again soon. Often cheap furnishings do not even survive the first move and are beyond repair. Therefore: Buy rather high-quality, this furniture will be favorite pieces and will accompany you for a lifetime. Before buying, be aware of what you really like and really need!



Our D3CO biosofa production standard is to produce in a sustainable, ecological and socially responsible way. This includes the use of pollutant-free and plastic-free materials. For animal products, there is no alternative for us that they come from humane animal husbandry without animal cruelty. We want to set an example for a healthy planet!