What is the Most Comfortable Sofa?

When you ask me what I like most about my sofa, the obvious answer is: it is soooo COMFORTABLE.

So why do so many brands talk only about design and colour, and so little about comfort?

But how can you find the most comfortable sofa for you and your body shape? 

girl relaxing on a comfortable sofa

Your body is unlike any other, and your is sofa, too.

Our bodies and legs are of different lengths, and that plays a very big role in choosing comfortable seating. 

My husband Davide for example has very long legs. He will sit back snugly on a wide sofa. On the same sofa I may already have difficulties touching the ground with my feet. And that does not feel good.

How tall are you?

At Biosofa we check on the height of the members of your household. We then propose a good fit that feels great to all. - 

Or we add cushions that will give extra support to smaller persons. When we’re in doubt, we will call upon a team member that is of your stature. We have them test the models and give us their perception.

two hands one big one small

Soft is not the same for everybody.

The level of softness of a sofa is very individual. Perception of softness depends on your size, but also on your body weight. A child will not sink in at all, even on a very soft sofa. The same sofa will be perceived as medium soft by a young adult. An elder citizen may feel that a standard softness will not support their back adequately.

Natural layers make you comfortable. An all natural sofa is built with individual layers of jute belts, steel springs, padded recycled cotton, latex, and feathers (or a vegan alternative). All of these options can be adjusted for you, so that your sofa feels right - to you.

soft clouds

But how do we know which is your perfect comfort fit?

Ask ask ask ! A good design counsellor will ask the right questions and discuss all your options, to find out which is the most comfortable sofa together with you.

They will also demonstrate the models to you and show you all features. You will see how high the seating and the backrests really are, and how soft. 

In the end, the only thing that really counts is your personal experience.

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