What is the Most durable Sofa?

In my life, I have moved so much. From Germany to Italy via Paris and London...

Some of my furniture just simply fell apart. And this upset me, the pieces were not cheap at all. My sofa though - handmade in our workshops - looks nearly as it did on day one 12 years ago. And it has seen the upbringing of two very active babies - and survived our cat.

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old sofa in street

To make a Sofa durable, its most vulnerable part, the Upholstery, should be removable.

Accidents happen. 

Milk spills, diapers leak (oh, don’t ask me about that one…), and we also have a cat. Principe Philippo is a very cozy companion. 

But why does he always dig his claws into the armrest before jumping on our sofa to cuddle with my daughter Eva?

removable sofa cushions with zipper

Which is the right sofa for my lifestyle?

I am so grateful that in the planning phase, our interior designers advised me to choose a strong cotton fabric that would survive all these strains.

100% natural fabrics are not counselled for machine washing. But I put them in the machine anyway (don’t tell anyone). Some of the seat cushions were washed more than ten times. And they are as beautiful as before.

The cat scratches are barely visible, but if they start to show, I will ask the workshop to re-upholster just the armrests. Or maybe I will go for a totally new colour. Something in light linen maybe, since the kids are bigger now?


How to repair a Sofa?

Sofas are an investment that you can proudly carry into the next generation. Ask yourself what happens to your furniture if something breaks. Can parts be replaced? This largely depends on how it has been assembled, but also on the quality of all materials used. Can you just take off a leg and replace it?

In my home, I have a couple of antique pieces that came down through the generations of my family. One of the sideboards is from the 17th century. Antiques give value over time, and repairing and refurbishing them just adds to their charm.

I think it should be so also with the new pieces we acquire. We make our pieces in the spirit that they should be the most durable sofas possible. Every piece is made and assembled by hand in our Lentate workshop. And if something breaks - it can be replaced easily.

artisan handmade sofa in progress
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