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durable sofa

What is the Most Durable Sofa?

In my life, I have moved so much. From Germany to Italy via Paris and London...


Some of my furniture just simply fell apart. And this upset me, the pieces were not cheap at all. My sofa though - handmade in a workshop - looks nearly as it did on day one 12 years ago. And it has seen the upbringing of two very active babies - and survived our cat.

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- why you should be able to wash and change upholstery

- why sofas assembled by hand live much longer

- what is the lifecycle for a bio- sofa

on July 12, 2022
Getting in touch with mother nature

Getting in touch with mother nature

There are countless ways to get back in touch with Mother Nature. Not everyone has this natural need, but it will do everyone good to step outside. Tips and different resources will help! It's worth it to get completely lost in nature via microadventures on your own doorstep, small excursions or letting yourself drift. After all, we are all a part of nature
on February 25, 2021