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biosofa bosco verticale milano distant view
Urban nature: Flowering islands in the middle of concrete
More and more people are moving into cities. Urban space is becoming more and more dense and expansive. In times of climate change and traffic collapse, inhabitants are facing major...
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Getting in touch with mother nature
Embark on a journey to discover the wonders of nature, sustainable living, and holistic well-being. Explore tips, guides, and insights for a healthier, happier life. Subscribe for regular updates on...
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Step-by-step process of crafting an eco-friendly sofa, demonstrating the sustainable manufacturing journey at Biosofoa Workshop
Building a sustainable BIOSOFA - making ecofriendly furniture step by step - part4/6
Part 4: Cotton, felt and latex Discover the art of crafting a sustainable sofa with Biosofa. From 100% natural latex to recycled cotton layers, explore the eco-friendly journey of creating...
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Proust Armchair by Alessandro Mendini - Biosofa collaboration for charity
Proust Armchair by Alessandro Mendini - Biosofa collaboration for charity
With the kind permission of Atelier Mendini, we are preparing a Proust armchair to be painted and decorated for a very special charity project with Collegamenti, an association that promotes art with and by people...
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